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 is Estonia's very own first professional contemporary circus company. Big Wolf Company was created by Grete Gross and Lizeth Wolk in 2016, when they started working on a project "Eternal dinner". The girls have graduated from a circus school in Finland ( SaSak Circus Education, Lahti) in 2015 and currently reside in Estonia. 
Joining their forces, Big Wolf Company is creating shows for all tastes : from retroish circus comedies to breath taking solo pieces.
The aim of the company is firstly to make whole Estonia to fall in love with circus and then to make the whole world fall in love with Estonia.  


Lizeth's favourite toy and an instrument is the aerial ring/lyra/hoop. She is fond of the simplicity and the complexity of this little metal dicipline and tries to explore the ways of using this circus prop as an extra limb. 
Lizeth is Big Wolf Company's "common sense" . She is straight forward and deals with messy situations and misunderstandings. Her positivity doesn't let you go down in hard training sessions nor serious meetings. 
Lizeth is also very useful in handy craft problems. Her sewing skills have created quite a few costumes and helped out in set design failures.
But her weakness is putting together formal letters, she doesn´t make sense on paper. 


Grete feels herself the best on her cloudswing/hammock. With this simple prop Grete is the gravity defying girl, who makes dangerous drops look like loads of fun. 
Grete is Big Wolf Company's "mouth". She is scary productive and makes the company's different projects work as easy as abc. This "Keyboard Warrior" can type as fast as a court stenographer and finish 5 applications on one day. 
Besides the great lobbying skill, Grete is also an excellent training buddy, keeping the motivation up in hard workout sessions. 
But don't ask her to fix a hole in your shirt, needles and thread frustrate her and stuff can go wrong. 

Foto:Tiina Kõrtsini

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