Eternal Dinner

A humorous circus spectacle about life, changes, loneliness and dreams offers beauty for the eye, amazement for the mind and gives comfort in what many might fear – the elderhood.


"Eternal Dinner" is a story about two elderly ladies, the former dazzling stars of soviet circus, who by now have reached the golden years. Once every year they meet for a feast in a restaurant, allowing them to escape in memories one more time… it feels just like yesterday, still young, still beautiful, still desirable…


The ladies find comfort in music, each others company and suitably fitting refreshments.  For a little it seems like nothing has changed, but the time has done it's job. The fame is only left in photo albums, the reality is loneliness inside a body that cannot keep up with the head anymore… but when the night is young and feeling is right – take a drink, have a laugh and spin the years behind around!



The story is told trough circus elements (aerial acrobatics on hoop, hammock, bambuk, pair acrobatics, optical illusions) and theatre. The show doesn't have text but instead uses musical solutions and visual art (projections).

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